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The pattern design of the custom T-shirt is set against a cultural element. The pattern design of the custom T-shirt can combine text and patterns to show a culture. Do you know the types of patterns printed on T-shirts ? Let ’s introduce it below.

3 suitable designs for t-shirts


  1. T-shirt pattern-trademark
    The trademark printed on the T-shirt is basically a plastic art, it is a mark that marks the source of the product and the honor of the enterprise. The T-shirt is printed with a trademark pattern, which not only has the role of advertising and promotion of the T-shirt, but also plays a role of decoration and set off. Trademarks are advertising spokespersons for companies, companies, and products.
    2.T-shirt pattern-text
    The printing of the font on the T-shirt is an important part of the T-shirt text design. The font is the spirit of the text, which is intended to achieve the practical function of transmission. The text printing has strong artistic appeal and appeal, and is suitable for the contemporary aesthetic concept.
    3 suitable designs for t-shirts


  1. T-shirt pattern-comprehensive
    The comprehensive category specifically includes text, painting, photography, and computer special effects. It is an expression technique that can bring visual beauty to humans. It can attract everyone's attention, arouse the psychological response of the visitors, and attract them to the graphics. This pattern is more conducive to the company's product promotion, and often appears as a form of advertising shirt.

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