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Jan 18, 2020 01:45 am    

The mobile phone case itself is an ordinary thing. If the mobile phone case is integrated with the classic art paintings, the mobile phone case and its everyday things will have the delicacy and details of the art. Here's a tour of the ocean of art.

A classic painting collides with a mobile phone case

Strawberry thief canvas print decorative painting

"Strawberry thieves" by William morris
This is the work of William Morris, a 19th-century English poet, artist, and printmaker. Fruitful strawberry manor suddenly came a few sparrows. When the gardener was not looking, they picked a strawberry and were about to fly away...

William Morris famous painting strawberry thief

Strawberry thieves

Morris is one of the most influential designers in British history. He advocates the design concept of "learning from nature" and "returning to simplicity". Under the test of a hundred years, his works still have fresh vitality and are loved by modern people.

Strawberry thief oil painting printed phone case

Strawberry thief phone case

Morris famously said, "don't put anything in your home that isn't beautiful or useful." This consumption concept is still influential today. If you agree, this good-looking and practical phone case is a must-see.

Stealing strawberry bird blue printed phone cas

This mobile phone case is very beautiful, but people do not know it is difficult to buy it. The strawberry thief phone case is one of the V& A museum's mobile phone cases, which will also be slightly more expensive. Because the mobile phone model and buy channel are limited. If you want to have a similar "same" phone case, you can choose a customized personalized phone case. Not only do you will have a phone model that fits you, but you can also choose other pieces of art that you like.

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