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Jan 15, 2020 06:02 am    

There are some incredible artists who have created very unique octopus designs for shower curtains. The octopus design is creating a very cool shower curtain and enhancing the uniqueness and amazing look of the bathroom.

Octopus is a kind of marine creature that we are familiar with. Its appearance is interesting and special. Eight tentacles are thin and long, In the creative custom shower curtain, most of the inspiration comes from nature, from animals and plants, and the creative use of pompous design techniques can always bring more fun to the products. Here are a few popular octopus shower curtains. Let's take a look at these interesting personalized shower curtain design ideas.

This sea demon shower curtain shows every sailor's nightmare. The sailor is attacked by the sea demon.

octopus Kraken attacking ship antique almanac paper shower curtain

This design shows a basic octopus diagram, but it still successfully conveys its uniqueness and terrible characteristics. The very unusual black and white design will be easy to adapt to your bathroom.

blue nautical vintage octopus illustration shower curtain

Here comes Mr. octopus. Let's have a relaxing shower in the bathroom with Mr. octopus.

Metallic Octopus Shower Curtain

For those who want to look for navigation, ocean, marine animals or just "cool" things to improve the appearance of the bathroom, these patterns are a good decoration. The octopus creative shower curtain is a great choice for bathroom innovation, which is novel and gets rid of the old printing theme.

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