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Jan 19, 2020 10:42 pm    

We are more and more meticulous in the daily wear of the clothes, a custom blank simple T-shirt can no longer meet our increasingly fashionable attitude to life. If it is a blank T-shirt that we print with our favorite pattern, a simple white T-shirt makes us among the fashionistas, then what kind of pattern is suitable for printing on a white T-shirt?

Suitable for printing on a white T-shirt
1.Custom white T-shirt pattern-small pattern printing

The small pattern is necessary for white T to enhance small details. It is very popular with fresh male gods. Add a small embroidery pattern on the chest or cuffs, and the white T is not so monotonous ~

  1. Custom white T-shirt pattern-letter printing T

The initial letter printing T-shirt, whether it is regular English letters or neat Chinese characters, can make up for the monotony of plain summer clothes and is more suitable for various body shapes.
The basic and pure version is suitable for a variety of body types. The letter printing is exquisite, showing vitality. The use of cotton fabrics is soft and comfortable.

  1. Custom white T-shirt pattern-large pattern printed T-shirt

As a high-end version of the printing industry, the large-area printed T-shirt can reduce the age and cover the shortcomings of the figure. Compared with the plain white T starling, the large-scale printing will make you 5 years younger! Simple and lovely big The strength of printing decreases, vintage blockbuster prints + letters wear high street style, couples can also print and play cool together, and the upper body of the blockbuster print is monotonous.

  1. Custom white T-shirt pattern-full body print T-shirt

Local printing can't satisfy your boring temperament? You can try whole body printing, all kinds of cartoon small patterns are printed on the whole body, and there should be a lot of return in summer!
How do custom printed T-shirts match?
Printed T-shirt + ripped jeans
With ripped jeans, both shorts and trousers can be scored in harmony! Don't forget to match a pair of student canvas shoes!

Printed T-shirt + casual shorts
Casual shorts can be small trousers or overalls shorts. As long as you are brave enough to wear them, it will not go wrong! Printed T-shirts with small trousers or corduroy shorts will not only shake off the sweltering summer feeling, but also make daily look Not so casual. With overalls or stitching shorts, you can also set off the rumour of printed T-shirts.

Printed T-shirt + casual trousers
Although wearing trousers in summer is a bit sultry, in order to get out of our high street style, you can choose casual trousers with relatively thin fabrics to match. Casual mopping pants with printed T-shirts This high street style match can be learned carefully! Tooling khaki pants with pants in high-top canvas shoes can also make your look simple but not ordinary!
The white T-shirt is the most versatile item, although comfortable, it is a bit monotonous for summer. Adding your favorite pattern to a blank white T-shirt seems to infuse the soul in an instant and becomes no longer monotonous. Customized T-shirts are not just printing simple patterns on clothes, but also expressing your attitude to life through clothes. Is your life too monotonous? Why not try printing on a white T-shirt to add vitality to your irritable life!

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