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Dec 16, 2019 01:58 am    

Is it necessary to customize the company's annual meeting custom designT-shirts ? Of course, it's necessary. We can't just regard the annual meeting as an internal gathering. In fact, we have paid so much human and financial resources for the planning of the annual meeting. Naturally, we should give full play to the role of the annual meeting. It's also very good to take this opportunity to treat the annual meeting as a brand promotion meeting. This requires us to customize the company's annual meeting cultural shirt, unify everyone's clothes, and let the team see it To unify and orderly, beautiful and tidy, at the same time, the design of cultural shirt also shows the aesthetic, cultural and design concepts of the enterprise, and also shows the style of the enterprise.

Company annual conference T-shirt custom meaning

Many people's first impression of the corporate culture shirt is the low-quality fabric plus some superficial design. One even printed a large logo and a large two-dimensional code directly on it without design. This kind of clothing is of little help to the annual meeting. Basically, everyone treats this clothing as a one-off item. At the end of the annual meeting, this clothing will have little effect.
Company annual conference T-shirt custom meaning

The annual meeting is a large-scale activity. On the basis of high quality, it can be combined with well-designed patterns so as to not only make employees like it at the annual meeting. I also like it in my daily life. The customized design of the company's annual meeting cultural shirt should try to avoid large colorful patterns, which are generally designed with the corporate logo and the characteristics of the enterprise, simple and straightforward patterns. On the one hand, it can also increase the popularity of the enterprise to a certain extent, making the cultural shirt a walking billboard.
Company annual conference T-shirt custom meaning

Annual party custom T-shirts , but also to solve the staff worry about how to wear the annual party problem. General annual meeting of autumn and winter is to choose custom-made hoodie, hoodie matchs what pants, believe to most people won't too difficult, jeans, cloth pants, it is very appropriate! Custom hoodies for the annual meeting, is not only a fashion way of dressing, by the young people's favorite, for the company is also a channel to show personality, let others see the company annual meeting of the different, the style of the different.

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