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Dec 21, 2019 02:54 am    

A couple's throw pillow is something that many lovers who are passionately in love will buy. As long as the picture of the throw pillow case is eye-catching enough, no matter whether it is expensive or not, there will be young couples willing to buy it. So, what are the pictures of couples can custom throw pillowcases? Let's learn more about it.

What are the pictures of customized couples throw pillowcases?

  1. Photo customization.
    Nowadays, most stores that sell throw pillowcases have a photo customization service, which means that buyers can provide photos to merchants, and then merchants can make specific pictures based on the photo patterns provided by consumers. then print the picture on the throw pillowcase, so that people can put their good memories with their partner together forever with the pillowcase.
    Couple custom pillowcase photo recommendation
  2. Love pattern.
    No matter how the times change, the love pattern has always been popular in the market for lovers' throw pillow covers and will not be eliminated because it is out of date. For couples, the pillowcase with the theme of love is the best and truest portrayal of each other in love. And compared with other topics, the theme of love will not be too controversial.
    Couple custom pillowcase photo recommendation
  3. Landscape pattern.
    As the landscape patterns printed on the pillowcases are beautiful, many people like this theme very much, so it is also very suitable for couples to throw pillowcases. Of course, the landscape map used by the pillowcover is even more perfect if the two people share good memories, such as they have traveled here.
    Couple custom pillowcase photo recommendation

    The above is all about the pictures of lovers throw pillowcases. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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