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Started by on Jan 10, 2020 – Last touched: Jan 10, 2020

Jan 10, 2020 04:37 pm    

In a flash, we entered 2020, and we all said that after 2020, there will be endless festivals. For couples in the love period, the customized exclusive couple hoodie should be the super hoodie love event this year! The customized couple hoodie is a hoodie for two people wearing unique stories, an essential artifact for dog food, Wear custom hoodies together, sprinkle joyous laughter, and commemorate the beauty of youth. So what are the patterns suitable for couples' custom hoodies?
1.Cute maple leaf hoodie custom pattern

Couple hoodie custom pattern hoodie custom Valentine's Day gift

I've fallen in love with you, the cute maple hoodie design (i've fallen for you) treats it as a mysterious gift and gives it to him (her) on his (her) birthday.

  1. Heart-wrapped Key Hoodie Custom Pattern
    Couple hoodie custom pattern hoodie custom Valentine's Day gift

Heart Swirling Key Hoodie Pattern is a hoodie design that is very suitable for printing couples' clothes. Numerous keys make up a heart-shaped pattern. There is a black keyhole in the middle of love. The moral is: the key to open the door to heart. . When I first saw this hoodie design, I thought of a very strange question. How many keys are there in all? Well, if you think so, and the number of eggs hurts, remember to leave a message. Me.

  1. Waiting for the custom pattern of love hoodie
    Couple hoodie custom pattern hoodie custom Valentine's Day gift

The picture depicted in this hoodie design is a girl's lovesickness and anticipation before waiting for love to come. In fact, "love" is a wonderful life experience that everyone should have, no matter if they are rich or poor. In a narrow sense, it refers to love between couples. In fact, to understand "love" in a broad sense also includes love between friends and love between loved ones (also can be understood as the feeling of love.

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