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Recently, the weather has cooled down. Have you added more clothes to your friends? Seeing in December, half of them have passed, and many of them have also started to wear their own creative and customized cultural shirts. Speaking of cultural shirts, I believe that everyone once lost the choice of custom patterns on the long sleeve T shirt? In fact, designing custom patterns of long sleeve T shirts is also a test of the creative ability of the partners. Design ideas for t-shirt pattern.

  1. long sleeve T shirt custom pattern LOGO: World and Machinery
    Creative cultural shirt logo pattern design long sleeve T shirt custom design

Concept: The sea, mountains, sky, and earth represent the world, while bearings and machinery represent machinery. It forms a deep interdependence.
Moral: At the same time that machinery drives the world, the world also brings power to machinery.
Creativity: I have been in industry and trade for a long time, I have been used to the rivers, mountains and worlds of the Baiyun Campus of Industry and Trade, and have been deeply affected by the knowledge of this specialty. I have a sudden imagination in my heart. At the same time that the machine drives the world, the world also drives What about motivation?

  1. long sleeve T shirt custom pattern LOGO: environmental protection and catering
    Creative cultural shirt logo pattern design long sleeve T shirt custom design

Design concept: The cups in the LOGO and cheers and drink house accurately express that we are in the beverage business. Customers are welcome to patronize. The CHEERS in the logo is displayed in irregular and red colors, which expresses that we want to make the guests who come here happy and happy. The amount of liquid in the cup is to make customers understand that they should cherish resources and not be greedy.
The main use of black as the theme color is because black is opaque, and customers who come to our store can enjoy it without worrying about privacy being leaked. The distance between the two cups represents our intimate but possessed distance. Being connected to the bottom of the cup means that our employees will be united firmly. Our entire design is simple and generous, showing our steady strength.

  1. long sleeve T shirt custom pattern LOGO: youth and dedication
    Creative cultural shirt logo pattern design long sleeve T shirt custom design

Design philosophy: Our logo is designed around youth.
Above the logo is a spray. The waves are tough and tenacious, and the cohesive force can impact the reefs. The waves are selflessly dedicated to the beauty of the ocean. The implication is that in the beautiful youth, we must go forward bravely, not fear the wind, but also be kind and friendly, and contribute to society. Below the logo is the ear of wheat. When the ear of wheat is dry and hollow, it will stand tall and thrive. At maturity, when the particles are full, they will humble their heads humblely, without leaking their sharp edges. The implication is that we should study hard in our beautiful youth, be a learned person, and be modest and low-key. They are stitched together like a smiling face. I hope that in the best years, we can smile and be optimistic.

  1. long sleeve T shirt custom pattern LOGO: future and hope
    Creative cultural shirt logo pattern design long sleeve T shirt custom design

Design concept: Youth is a long-lasting relay race; "Youth Relay Race" is our logo design idea. In this design, we use red in a large area, because only passionate red is the best interpretation of youth.
The person holding the torch in the middle represents "I", "I" is the main player in this youth relay race, and "I" also represents all the enthusiastic and surging young people in the world. Our passion, and the two people next to us represent my friends, family, teachers, and others who cheered for us in our youth relay race. They walked with us on our youth journey and continued along the way. The ground encourages me, inspires me, lets me ride the wind and waves, and escort my youth, and "I" holds a torch that symbolizes the light and goes to the future. It is this kind of future that can yearn for our lives Better. The outer yellow halo surrounds us full of energy and enthusiasm.
The idea that we want to customize a cultural shirt comes from our desire to be different. Wearing a shirt with your own design will gradually infect people around you. Customizing a creative long sleeve T shirt is not only fun, it is also fun to wear, so Wearing out of fan, playing out of fan is our purpose of making tide brand customized cultural shirt!

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