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Hoodies are widely used in life and can reflect personal characteristics and creativity. In the process of customizing hoodiess, we can not only enhance our aesthetic taste, but also make our personality public, which stimulates imagination and creativity. On the basis of designing a hoodies pattern according to his own personality characteristics, and also training our hands-on ability, we focus on training students to be patient and meticulous. So, what patterns are printed when we customize the hoodies? How to design a custom hoodies pattern ? Let's take a look at the following three hoodies pattern design cases together!

Creative design for tailored hoodies

1.Sailor's direction hoodies pattern design
"Sailor's Direction" hoodies pattern design is mainly a character-based design work. The feather tattoo uses the same color as the three peace pigeons. The "anchor" on the striped vest is particularly eye-catching, and the compass like a clock There are many implications. The style of the overall design is trendy and fashionable, but it is not lacking in creativity.

Creative design for tailored hoodies

2.Happy color hoodies pattern design
"Happy Colors" is a very cute hoodies pattern design. The hoodies designer gives each color a mood, each color has its own mood and smiley, laughter, distress, sadness, anger, helplessness, Dozens of cute smiley faces are neatly arranged together to form this cute and joyful colorful hoodies design.

Creative design for tailored hoodies

3.Design of Koala Ranger Hoodies
The Koala Ranger hoodies design is inspired by the Texas Rangers in the Major League Baseball. It is home to the Arlington Baseball Stadium and is located in Arlington, Texas. Hoodies design works similar to this design style include: "Cute Samurai Koala Hoodies Design", "Bubble Hoodies Design", "Tunny Racer Hoodies Design" and so on.

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