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Creative culture shirts are designed with a variety of fabrics. Depending on the choices of people, custom-made creative shirts have different feels and feels. If you have special requirements for creative t-shirt design, you should understand the basic properties of the various fabrics before you customize them, and know what kind of customization they will bring.


Creative t-shirt design is very important for breathable and comfortable fabrics



We all know that creative t-shirt designs can be used in a variety of situations, and if they are worn in an outdoor environment, the environmental and weather effects should be taken into account. For this reason, if it is summer, the creative t-shirt design is naturally to choose some breathable perspiration fabric for customization. For example, Fuzhou T-shirts are custom-made in the southeastern cities of China, and some will choose long-sleeved T-shirts for sun protection.


If it is winter, you should choose a plush sweater as the bottom shirt for the creative t-shirt design. The T-shirts are available in a variety of styles, such as a round tie hat sweater, a round neck pullover sweater, a cardigan hooded sweater, etc. Different styles such as plus velvet, if it rains, it can still play some role in rain prevention.


Creative t-shirt design is very important for breathable and comfortable fabrics



Customized t-shirt fabrics, which can be customized according to different scenes. For indoor work, such as Tattoo Family's Shanghai T-shirt customization, their selected t-shirts are made of Scorpio cotton fabric. The commemorative oxford half marathon commemorative shirt is made of imported polyester fiber and is specially designed for long-distance running and camping.


In addition to these, the creative t-shirt design can also choose the Odile stretch . Compared with the natural fabric, this recycled fiber fabric also meets the requirements of environmental protection, but has a smoother feel, light and thin, suitable for activities. .


Creative t-shirt design is very important for breathable and comfortable fabrics

Scorpio cotton fabric is the most popular among all creative t-shirt designs . Some people may be unfamiliar with the saying "Tianjin cotton". This fabric, which is very common in T-shirt customization, is a kind of cotton. It is obtained through a new textile process and has a lighter cotton fabric than a normal one. Better breathable and sweat-absorbing function. At the same time it has a very light and soft hand.

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