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Creative patterns have a wide range of applications, such as decorative patterns on various utensils, various product packaging and decoration, book decoration, and patterns on indoor and outdoor architectural decoration. As for various patterns on clothing fabrics and interior textiles, It is more colorful and the changes are endless. 
1.Creative cultural shirt pattern-basic pattern

Custom cultural shirt creative material 2020 popular printing pattern

Whether it is a flower pattern, an animal pattern, a landscape pattern, or a person pattern, a vessel pattern, or other pattern design, its materials are derived from objective nature and social life. Flowers and plants, birds and beasts, fish and insects, landscapes, clouds, figures, buildings ... Nature and society provide us with extremely vivid and rich forms and colors.
2.Creative cultural shirt pattern-pattern style

Custom cultural shirt creative material 2020 popular printing pattern

Clothing pattern styles can be divided into classical, national and modern. The classical style pattern emphasizes the traditional calm color scheme. National style patterns highlight regional cultural characteristics. Modern style patterns can convey the connotation of simplicity and fashion, fully reflecting the contrasting colors and shapes.
3.Creative cultural shirt pattern-convenient pattern

Custom cultural shirt creative material 2020 popular printing pattern

Objects in nature are often vivid, but cluttered, rich but cumbersome. Therefore, in "convenience", it is not necessary or possible to perform "objective" naturalistic "reproduction". Instead, it must be subjectively summarized, selected, tailored, and other artistic processes and treatments abandoned to save the essence of the object. The essence and the most typical characteristics are “represented” in a concentrated manner.
The creative pattern design of our customized cultural shirt is mainly to pursue the beauty of form, which can change continuously with the changes of the times, and can also guide people's psychological feelings. 

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