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In ready-made clothing customization , hoodie customization belongs to the explosion of autumn and winter. The super universality makes many groups and enterprises also choose hoodies when customizing group clothing. In everyone's impression, hoodies are heavy clothes that are not suitable for sports. In fact, there are also thin hoodies to choose from. Loose thin hoodies are also very suitable for sports wear.


Custom Hoodies Knowledge



Hoodies customization-fabric


To wear good-looking, comfortable to wear, the most inseparable is the bottoms of the fabric, the German spectrum selection of high-quality fabrics, 50% cotton + 50% polyester pre-shrinked fabric high-quality natural cotton, fleece design, thick and warm , Air spinning. Thick enough, warm enough, and soft enough to keep the warmth from you.


Custom Hoodies Knowledge


Hoodies customization-pattern

Let's talk about the pattern of the hoodie, and printing your favorite pattern on the hoodie can reflect your unique dressing style to a certain extent. There is more personalization. More in customization The transmission of one's own emotions reflects his own emotions and emotions on clothing, infecting everyone around him.




Hoodies customization- printing process


In addition to the choice of fabrics and patterns, custom hoodies need to be printed. The printing process, the customized quantity and size, and the printing process are the key points. To take a test, everyone takes a quick note of the book. Generally, the common printing process has digital Direct injection, as well as embroidery, etc. Silk screen printing is the most common and low cost in the printing process, which is suitable for large-volume printing of a single pattern. Digital direct injection printing is an innovative high-end technology through technology in the past two years. Well, the price cost is higher than silk screen printing; embroidery is even more exquisite.

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