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Nov 09, 2019 03:30 am    

As the weather gradually turns cold, there is no need for air conditioning at night, there is no ice watermelon in the refrigerator, and the cicadas in the afternoon disappear, we can really realize that summer is really going to pass, and autumn is really coming. Every time we change seasons, it's the time for our wardrobe to "change blood", the T-shirt in summer will be out of the market, and the hoodie in autumn will be on the market. To say that the most fashionable item in autumn is definitely the hoodie.

Even if you like personality, a custom-made hoodiecan meet all your requirements. Next, I'd like to introduce some custom patterns of autumn and winter hoodie.

Custom pattern design of autumn and winter bodywear for girls

Custom pattern for the hoodie - I'm almost come there

What is the most false sentence in the world? Of course, "I'm almost come here" or "I'm on the road".Having a friend who likes to be late, I have deep feelings about it. Therefore, it's very important to learn to translate "lies". "I'm going out" equals "I just got up", "I'm on the way" equals "I just got out", "I'm coming" and "I've been out for two minutes" The custom pattern design of this hoodie is also based on this thing. Put on this custom hoodie and show it to your friend who likes to be late~

Custom pattern text design of autumn and winter hoodie for girls

Custom pattern for the hoodie- no design

What do designers fear most? Of course, it's Party A who doesn't understand and pretends to understand, and keeps making you revise! During this period of time, there was a dispute between Party A and the designed wechat chat content on Weibo. Party A enlarged the design of Party B by several hundred times, and then pointed out that the drawings it made were not clear enough. It was definitely designed by pirated PS. I think most designers may have to smash the keyboard after seeing this dialogue, and then say "I can't design, you come here".

Custom pattern text design of autumn and winter hoodie for girls

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