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May 04, 2020 06:52 am    

Custom photo pillow covers recommended reason: custom photo pillow covers , you can print your favorite pattern on the throw pillow, whether for self-use or giving it to others, it is very appropriate, very memorable, throw pillow suitable for putting in car or sofa, novel and creative.

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The holiday is over, what interesting places did everyone and the children go to? At the end of a pleasant trip, the experience should be well recorded, because these will be beautiful childhood memories that you will leave to your children. Back from the trip, of course, there are photos, souvenirs, admission tickets, and other plane tickets. Have you ever thought that all these can be used as home decorations? A black-and-white photo, a glass bottle, and a can of olive oil can make objects comparable to works of art. In addition to printing into paper, photos can also be printed into unique items! Make some pillow covers with travel photos and spread them all over the sofa. You can think of the good times of travel every time you rest in the living room.

If you have a picture of yourself or your family or lover on the throw pillow, I'm sure you won't refuse, will you? Printing the digital photo on the pillow cover is not only a unique photo but also a sweet and warm throw pillow. You can hold the romantic memories in your arms, give the home a creative finishing touch, but also give the home a more warm reason. A unique photo pillow cover can also go to DIY one by yourself.

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