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Do not know if the small partners have bought a variety of peripheral products? Whether it is games, TV dramas, animations or novels, more and more big IPs now like some peripheral products, one is to realize the influence of IP, and the other is to have some worthy collection for the favorite friends. thing. Looking at so many derivatives, we will find that the probability of some surrounding is very high, such as mobile phone cases, pillows, key chains, acrylic licensing, hand-made, etc. These are either very commemorative or cheap. And practical, to meet the needs of different small partners. In fact, if our favorite IP does not come out of the surrounding, or the surrounding products are not enough, you can also customize it yourself. Like custom-made pillows , custom-made mobile phone cases are cheap and practical.

Custom pillow general how much money

T company custom support custom T-shirts, custom sweaters, custom pillows, custom mobile phone shells and other peripheral products, then T-customized small series for everyone to answer the custom pillows generally how much money.

How much is a custom pillow?

The calculation of the custom pillow price and the price calculation of the customized T-shirt are similar, which is generally determined by the basic price of the pillow plus the printing price. The double-sided printing is slightly higher than the single-sided printing. For example, T-customized custom-made pillows, single-sided printing 40 yuan, double-sided printing from 43 yuan, ten pieces from the order. Our choice is elastic wear-resistant cotton and linen, good hand feeling, cotton and linen material has the advantages of cotton and hemp, it is very cost-effective.

Custom pillow general how much money

Not only individuals or small groups can choose to order pillows and print their favorite patterns. Many companies can also choose to order pillows, print corporate logos or iconic symbols, etc., which can be used as gifts for customers. , or the welfare gifts that the company gives employees, which is both practical and can be used for publicity.

Custom pillow general how much money

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