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Started by on May 09, 2020 – Last touched: May 09, 2020

May 09, 2020 07:40 am    

I would like to ask what is the best partner to wear in the summer of 2020? The custom editor feels that the custom T-shirt cultural shirt plus a personalized logo, whether such a cultural shirt wants to take the steel tough guy route, or wants the feeling of handsome little fresh meat , T-shirts can be easily created. But on a hot summer day, what issues need to be noted when printing logos on T-shirts and cultural shirts?

Custom printed logo t-shirts for T-shirts. What should I pay attention to when printing a logo?

I used to think that printing a large logo on clothes has a "local tyrant" breath? It is different now! After all, all the first-line brands are rushing to print the LOGO "enlarged bold" on the chest, and the logo is no longer "rich" On the contrary, it is more like the logo of each family is more creative! We have also seen many new styles of logos printed on cultural shirts with different styles.
Precautions for printing logos on customized T-shirts
T-shirts, cultural shirts, custom printed logos basically have a variety of printing processes, if we want to customize the logo on the top, we need to pay attention to the characteristics of the bottom shirt and logo.
Everyone knows that the current logo design is doing subtraction, which is more and more concise, so when we print the logo, we try to avoid overly complicated colors in the color design. Not only does the logo printing process increase the difficulty of printing, The price of the overall T-shirt custom culture shirt will also increase.

Custom printed logo t-shirts for T-shirts. What should I pay attention to when printing a logo?

The ultimate purpose of printing a logo on a custom T-shirt and cultural shirt is to always affect the people who can see it with the characteristics of the excellent logo. Because of the other functions of the logo, the process of selecting the logo when printing the logo must also take into account the civilization and mind of the audience every aspect. Strive to maximize the logo printed on the cultural shirt.
Summer is coming in the blink of an eye. Although we don't have thousands of clothes, no bling bling fashion T-shirts, no contrasting eye-catching trinkets ... customized T-shirt culture shirts, plus a unique logo, to meet your customization needs . 

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