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Mar 14, 2020 09:11 pm    

Custom white T-shirt white short-sleeved T-shirt pattern recommended

If Heisi is official, solemn. So, as a black contrast color, what does it feel like to wear a white custom T-shirt? The white T-shirt is refreshing and neat, which explains your attitude towards life from the side. Its simplicity and purity are synonymous with its atmosphere. And just keep the sense of alienation. It is more meaningful to customize some exquisite and beautiful pictures on the white T-shirt .
White short-sleeved T-shirt custom pattern recommended

1.White short-sleeved T-shirt pattern-Tutankhamen T-shirt design
"Tutankhamun" T-shirt pattern design is the first time that "T-shirts" updated the design work on the mummy pattern. Tutankhamun was the pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty during the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt. His original name was "Tutan Katun," meaning the image of "Atun," and later changed to Tutankhamun, meaning the image of "Amon."


  1. White short-sleeved T-shirt pattern-skull hourglass T-shirt design
    The "Skull Hourglass" T-shirt design is a design work about time and death. The hourglass is also called a sand clock, a device for measuring time. The western hourglass consists of two glass balls and a narrow connecting pipe. And the hourglass in this T-shirt pattern is accumulated by the skull, time passes by bit by bit, and the death skull is slowly taking shape.


  1. White short-sleeved T-shirt pattern-King Arthur Black Knight T-shirt design
    In the "King Arthur Black Knight" T-shirt pattern design, there is a cold weapon era knight helmet. The T-shirt designer named it the black knight of Arthur. About King Arthur He is the legendary King of British Celtics, the leader of the Knights of the Round Table, a legend that is almost fabulous.
    Printing vivid patterns on white T-shirts also stimulates our visual shock and vividness. In this way, we can maintain rich visual effects in a single color tone. 
Custom white T-shirt white short-sleeved T-shirt pattern recommended
Custom white T-shirt white short-sleeved T-shirt pattern recommended

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