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Oct 28, 2019 02:13 am    

Creativity refers to creative and novel ideas. You can see a lot of DIY gadgets online or in your show life. It's a concrete expression of your creativity. Nevertheless, what compare commonly is a few small handicraft, so originality pillowcase? In fact, it's not that different from any other object. It's just a vehicle for people to express their individuality.

Customize your own creative pillowcase

Will this creative pillowcase remind you when you wake up in the morning? I still want to go to sleep, but I have to get up and start the day. “Wake up ”and“ Sleep ”just show everyone's inner struggle. However, wake up to see this unique pillowcase, the person will also be immediately full of vitality!
Customize your own creative pillowcase

Creative pillowcase can express individual character not only, when be vexed, the mood that still can let a person gets expression . Do you want your own custom pillowcase?

Customize your own creative pillowcase

Choose the color of customized pillowcase:
While it may seem easy to customize, getting a really good pillowcase isn't that simple. The choice of pillowcase fabrics and other decorative materials is an important part of creating a custom pillowcase. Here, suggest everybody chooses a few pure color fabrics, such meeting makes the collocation below more convenient, also can make the effect is better.

Custom fabrics:
This is also a step to show personality, can be prepared with decorative patterns according to their own ideas, and then printed on the fabric. The cross embroider pillowcase that is very popular now, also be a kind of originality pillowcase actually. Nevertheless, pillowcase fabrics should do not only beautiful, assure even practical. Because pillowcase is not an ordinary toy after all, its practicality is also very important.

Choose pillow cover size:
pillowcase fabric choice after good, be about to determine the size of the pillowcase. Its main action is to put the pillow core for convenience actually, choose according to pillow core dimension directly so ok. Nevertheless, no matter pillow core how old, pillowcase dimension should cooperate with pillow core photograph.

After learning how to choose a custom pillowcase, you can customize your own creative pillowcase.

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