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In an era of increasing personalization, clothing customization has become one of the attributes of many small partners. T company custom clothing includes custom T-shirts, Polo, sweaters and other styles of group culture shirts, custom users choose clothing styles, fabrics, patterns and communication between users and custom manufacturers. 

Customized clothing we need to pay attention to

Clothing needs attention

  1. The choice of style: choose the clothing suit style that you like for yourself or the company.
  2. Measuring body: After choosing a good style, you can ask the body to measure the body, of course, in order to save everyone's time, there is a set of clothes to say, simply speaking, employees try on different sizes of clothing, find The clothing of your own size is counted.
  3. Choosing fabrics: The fabrics of each industry are different. Even the fabrics of the same industry may choose different fabrics for garments. Fabrics are the soul of clothing, so the choice of fabrics should not be sloppy.
    Customized clothing we need to pay attention to


  1. Clothing work clothes communication: no matter what the problem should have good communication between the two sides, this will help better, faster design of clothing, according to the company's occupation, work environment, commonly used stance or sitting posture, have to discuss, In order to better serve the customer, bring a good dressing experience to the staff, after the style and fabric are fixed, you can determine some details of the clothing overalls.
  2. The details of communication: clothing custom manufacturers remind everyone must not ignore the choice of details, the details reflect the texture, such as: cufflinks, embroidery and other details of the elements often play the role of the finishing touch, they are also a set The best logo for the quality of clothing uniforms, these need to carefully communicate with the designer to do the best and most appropriate, so should be carefully selected.
    6. Clothing custom try-on modification: the production process is complex and rigorous, the most rough process of clothing customization is also there are eight: fabric processing, iron push, wool lining treatment, pattern play, hand-sewn shell, line Nail, fitting, modification processing and test light samples.

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