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Nov 22, 2019 01:09 am    

When it comes to toilet partition, many people can think of using glass partition, but the glass is not safe after all. Encounter heat blast or encounter the collision with bad quality blast is common thing, which is easy to cause harm to the life safety of family members. And shower curtain can also be used as toilet partition.

Advantages of using custom shower curtains as partition

Its cost is very low, and the installation is very simple. Even if there is no professional personnel, it can be installed by itself. Moreover, because the price is cheap, if the pattern is not liked, we can change another one.

two:Rich styles
Various styles, shower curtain has a very rich style, can match different decoration styles, so that consumers have more choice space.

three: Easy to use
And it's very convenient to use. We can pull up the shower curtain when we take a bath to protect our privacy. If we don't take a bath at ordinary times, we can pull the shower curtain to one side, and it won't occupy any space. Three customized shower curtains

1.Simple style shower curtain

Infinite and minimal black sand beach in Iceland - Landscape Photography Shower Curtain

Customized shower curtain is practical and beautiful

The minimalist style and waterproof material are the biggest selling points of this shower curtain. Hanging in the bathroom is not only a unique scenery, but also can effectively prevent the shower curtain from mildew because of its good waterproof performance.

2.European black and white shower curtain

White Marble Texture Shower Curtain

Customized shower curtain is practical and beautiful

The black and white collocation of the classic trend makes this shower curtain unique. The pattern of marble adds a lot of vitality, delicate texture and the first choice for quality life. If you like the European style, it's right to start with this shower curtain.

3.Small fresh shower curtain

Elegant faux rose gold black stripes vintage blush pink lavender floral Shower Curtain

Customized shower curtain is practical and beautiful

Small fresh style shower curtain is the favorite of every single girl. The pink flowers seem to send out charming fragrance, which makes our mood bloom like flowers. The waterproof and mildew proof design makes its service life longer.

Glass partition is not fashionable now, what is popular now is these bath shade, we should follow the footstep of tide, also for the health of our family, grasp and put on the shower curtain.

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