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Nov 23, 2019 01:43 am    

Have you ever heard of it? Concern for the environment is a foregone conclusion! To mitigate the harmful effects of disposable bags on nature, many stores, cities and states are banning the use of disposable plastic bags and encouraging customers to switch to reusable and environmentally friendly options. Depending on the country in which you live, you may have seen retailers asking you to use your own bags or charging a small fee for plastic bags in stores that used to be free. Some cities are focusing on effective recycling programmes, while others are trying to impose bans or fees to completely discourage the use of plastic bags. Austin (home of the PrintGlobe headquarters!) for example ´╝îis one of about 10 cities in Texas, banning the use of disposable plastic bags. Although some stores still offer paper bags free of charge, they often strongly remind customers to bring their own bags, and almost all grocery stores and markets sell reusable tote bags. Using reusable tote bags to market your brand is not a new idea, but with the trend of BYOB (bring your own tote bags) continues to evolve.

Customized tote bag for environmentally friendly and convenient Advertising

The key to successful tote bag advertising is to promote an interesting and durable tote bag and decorate it with an unforgettable design. Not only is it important to provide customers with practical items, but it is also important to give them something they want to use. When you hand out a tote bag that looks good, the recipient is likely to proudly deliver your message in the city, giving your brand the attention it deserves!

When it comes to your next ad, consider and consider customized tote bags as a marketing tool immediately. From grocery store shopping to carrying books to storing clothes, reusable tote bags are practical for a variety of reasons, and they should not be used only for advertising in retail and grocery stores. From libraries to cosmetics series, trade exhibitions, farms, festivals, fundraisers, food and beverage brands, retail brands, restaurants, sports teams, schools, environmental activities, wedding banquets, travel agencies, etc., the possibilities are endless! And this spring, don't forget to wait in line for the upcoming big event! From music festivals (such as SXSW,Coachella,Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza) to food festivals (Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, LA Food Festival, Chicago cuisine, New Orleans Food and Wine experience, Austin Food and Wine Festival, etc.)! Large beer festivals, art festivals and handicrafts festivals usually hold large events in spring and summer, and are ideal places to advertise with custom tote bags!

Customized tote bag for environmentally friendly and convenient Advertising

When shopping with custom tote bags, it is easy to choose fashionable bags. From canvas shopping bags to nonwoven bags to recycled and environmentally friendly shopping bags, we have got the options and needs you want! When it comes to your design, it's easy for us to do it, too! If you're not ready for art, our talented team of graphic designers can help you turn ideas into reality. For those who are ready to use the logo-perfect! Just choose your bag design and you will immediately advertise with a new custom tote bag!

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