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"Personalization" has become a must-have feature this time. Whether it is social media or search engines or even clothing purchases, they have begun to pursue personalization. As a result, the word "customization" has become popular. With the development of e-commerce, Customization is no longer the right of high-end luxury brands. Simple T-shirts and Polo shirts have become objects that can be customized. So many people choose to customize it, so how do these custom patterns print out?

Do you know how these beautiful T-shirt designs are printed?

How the T-shirt pattern is printed, this involves the printing process of the clothing . This is not only the pattern, but also the texture.
However, the most common printing process is screen printing and digital direct injection. The most commonly used by D customers like T is the screen printing process. I will introduce the printing process of screen printing. Screen printing basically includes three processes: water slurry, glue slurry and powder slurry.

Do you know how these beautiful T-shirt designs are printed?

The layout of the screen printing plate is a net, which is mainly composed of a stencil, a screen, and a screen frame. It is one of the important consumables for screen printing. If there is no screen printing plate, there is no way to complete the entire printing process. Most of the screen printing plates on the market use photosensitive plate-making.
Network selection
According to the basic properties of the product, select the appropriate screen surface and screen frame, and apply all-round brushing with degreasing agent, and then clean it with water.

  1. Glue
    Before using photoresist for screen printing, it is necessary to first equip it with photoresist. The configuration time is about two or three hours. If it is needed, the glue must be dispensed one day in advance to ensure normal time usage.
  2. glue
    Glue coating is a very important link, it is directly related to the quality of the screen, and the process requirements will be relatively high. The effect of uniform thickness must be applied, so that the printed pattern has a three-dimensional effect.
    Do you know how these beautiful T-shirt designs are printed?


  1. dry
    The coated screen should be left for a few minutes, then placed in a baking oven at a certain temperature, and baked until the surface coating is dry.
  2. exposure
    On the protruding side of the screen printing surface, lightly paste the film film, and then perform exposure processing with a vacuum exposure machine.
  3. Development
    Development is a process in the screen printing industry to make the image appear. Take the screen printing plate out from the exposure machine, then gently peel off the negative, and wet the screen with cold water. After standing for 15 minutes, use a high-pressure water gun to spray clean the screen printing plate and quickly dry it, so that the screen printing plate will have an image.
  4. Organize

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