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Nov 08, 2019 02:59 am    

Personalized pillow is a comfortable choice for modern young people, and it is also the consumption concept of market demand for young people. In traditional pillow, DIY element is more popular. Different patterns can be printed according to personal preferences, and you can play with the pillow. Previously, only conditional families were idle on the sofa and playing while watching TV. With the improvement of living standards of people, the pillow is more and more close to people's Life, become home life, office white-collar, car decoration and other indispensable decorations. In the past, the throw pillow was just like the pillow. It was big in four directions. Today, users have made great changes in the color matching, shape matching, functional requirements and material requirements of the pillow. It makes people feel that more fashionable and advanced colors can make more people feel that the pillow is a good choice.

Funny customized pillowcase design, the first choice for comfortable Entertainment

To live is to be free, to have your own day for you to roam, and to realize freedom from home first. The most popular thing this year is to make the old and catch up with the trend. Simple and bright, rich colors set off. The cotton and linen cloth on the sofa and some beautiful pillows in the corner can make your home pleasant and leisurely. A bunch of pillows are lying on the sofa with you. You can choose the color you like.

Funny customized pillowcase design, the first choice for comfortable Entertainment

Among the many throw pillows, decorative throw pillows are just as the name implies. Compared with common families, throw pillows are just a kind of decoration effect. Adjusting the color can improve the spatial perception of the indoor environment. With the help of color matching, it is helpful for the demand of spatial design. At the same time, throw pillows can protect the waist and other functions. Now a variety of DIY throw pillows are popular, choose their own favorite patterns or Self created, novel and original on the sofa, DIY pillow is very popular for the taste of the public.

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