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In the custom hoodie , there are many kinds of fabrics in the market for us to choose from, but what kind of hoodie fabric is generally more sweat-absorbent and breathable? T agency customization takes everyone to understand the hoodie fabrics in the market.
Hoodie Custom Fabric-Lambskin Fabric
Lamb velvet itself is not a standard term, it is a customary name for businessmen. The reason why it is called cashmere is because it is artificial cashmere, so it is called lamb cashmere, not lamb wool. Lamb wool is not as expensive as lamb wool, but it has a good warming effect, which is no less than lamb wool. Therefore, it is widely used in the clothing industry. Customized hoodies are the choice of many users. Warmth is also fashionable.

Hoodie customization fabric knowledge

Hoodie Custom Fabric-Cotton Fabric
Pure cotton is made from cotton fibers. Cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity and excellent cooling function. It can absorb sweat and make the skin refreshed. Cotton clothes are very soft and very comfortable. Cotton woven cloth is usually dry to the touch, lighter in weight, better in breathability, and feels cooler on the body. It is suitable for fabrics made of summer clothes; but the biggest advantage of cotton clothes is that it absorbs sweat. The only drawback is breathability.

Hoodie customization fabric knowledge

Hoodie Custom Fabric-Polar Fleece
Polar fleece is a kind of knitted fabric. It is a small ingot knitting structure. It is woven on a large circular machine. After weaving, the gray fabric is first dyed and then processed by various complex finishing processes such as brushing, combing, shearing, and fleece. Treatment, the fabric is fuzzed on the front side, the fleece is dense and dense, but it is not easy to lose hair and pilling. Its ingredients are generally polyester and soft to the touch.
These three hoodie fabric is custom hoodies good absorbent, breathable fabrics.

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