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How do you print your own carefully selected or diy-designed logos in your favoritehoodie? This involves a lot of questions about the printing process. Traditional printing techniques include heat transfer, water slurry, embroidery, etc. With the development of technology, high-tech such as digital direct injection printing has entered our field of vision.
The advantages and disadvantages of different processes are different, the production cost is also different, how to choose the printing process of custom hoodies ? The following is a brief introduction.

Hoodies custom DIY printed logo

Heat transfer
Advantages: This process is simply charged by the pattern area, and the price is not affected by the pattern color. The smaller the pattern, the lower the cost, and vice versa, the pattern is bright, and the color and detail are highly restored.
Disadvantages: A slight gel texture will affect the breathability, so it is not suitable for large-area printing. A lot of irregular small patterns, you need to make a pattern of the same color of the fabric.
Suitable for: Suitable for printing "a lot of color, or a gradient pattern, or a small area" pattern.

Hoodies custom DIY printed logo

Advantages: By means of line and pen, through the overlapping and interlacing of multiple colored embroidery threads, the color is deep and harmonious, and the rendering effect of Chinese painting is unique. It has the characteristics of embroidered flat clothes, fine stitching and bright colors.
Suitable: Support all colors. In order to achieve the desired effect, the minimum Chinese character is 1cm2, the English alphabet is at least 0.5cm2, the thinnest line is 1.5mm, and the color in the pattern is up to 4-6. 
In general, the printing process is diverse, and you can choose the right craft for your ownhoodie print. In addition to printing, the choice ofhoodies and styles are equally important.

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