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Apr 27, 2020 03:06 am    

General hotel bathrooms have partitions, but family bathrooms consider the use of space, generally do not install partitions, but use shower curtains. Although the shower curtain is not very eye-catching in the bathroom, its function is not small. On the one hand, it can provide private space when showering, on the other hand, it can prevent shower spraying everywhere. Therefore,bathroom shower curtain with what material is an important issue.

grey color fabric bathroom shower curtains photo

I am often asked about polyester materials for shower curtains and some other questions about shower curtains. When buying shower curtains, everyone will think a lot. In fact, shower curtain polyester material is only one of shower curtain materials, while shower curtain polyester material is the most common on the market now, with better quality. Today, I will introduce this kind of common bath curtain material in the market. Let's have a look at them with friends who need them.

Polyester shower curtain is made of pure polyester fabric and processed by a long-term special production process. Therefore, the shower curtain product itself has excellent wear resistance. Air permeability and long life are also popular in the market. The modern production technology makes up for the shortcomings of traditional polyester materials in moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, antibacterial performance and antifungal performance, so that polyester shower curtain can play a better decorative and shielding effect. The quality of polyester shower curtainis very good and the price is relatively high.

Due to the diversity of bathroom functions, bathrooms sometimes need shower curtains to partition. The choice of shower curtains is very important, which not only affects the daily needs, but also affects the beauty of this bathroom. Facing the problem of what material is used for bathroom shower curtain, as long as you combine the actual situation and demand of your bathroom, I believe that your bathroom will become particularly beautiful and outstanding because of polyester fabric shower curtain .

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