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With the rise of the Chinese economy, more and more small and medium-sized companies focus on improving team cohesion. So how to reflect team cohesion? Uniform dress group is one of them. With the increasing demand for group services, more and more companies have customized group services. Facing the uneven group custom service companies in the market, how to choose?


How do different groups customize high-quality clothes for group building activities?


T agency custom editor compiled a few points for everyone, when customizing group building clothes, pay attention to what matters to customize high-quality cultural shirts.


How do different groups customize high-quality clothes for group building activities?


1. For a company with a small number of companies, such as a company with a dozen or two dozen people. Before cooperating with a custom cultural shirt manufacturer, first ask the fabric material of the clothes, whether the printing process can ensure the pattern printing and cleaning, and whether the custom sizes of all our staff can be customized, and then decide whether to cooperate with this custom manufacturer. Small companies customize outfits for group building activities in order to customize their own cultural shirts, so they should choose a manufacturer with quality assurance.


How do different groups customize high-quality clothes for group building activities?



2. When the scale of the enterprise reaches hundreds or even thousands, the number of cultural shirts built by the entire group is huge, and printing errors are not allowed. So we can ask to send samples and try them on. After ensuring the details such as tailoring, styles, fabrics, and patterns of the clothes for the group building activity, we will make sure to order a custom shirt. This not only guarantees the quality of clothes customization , but also allows us to be more confident in the customization process.


3. For an event, wear group clothes only once, such as advertising shirts for publicity, we can choose T-shirts with relatively favorable prices for customization. Many companies' advertising shirts are disposable. In order to avoid waste, look for manufacturers with relatively high quality and favorable prices.




The most important thing in team building is teamwork. With a good team spirit, team members will continuously strive for common goals to achieve the most satisfactory results. Only by customizing high-quality group building activity clothes can we better let the real team exert more energy.

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