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Ever since custom floor mats were introduced to China from Europe and the United States, they were first used in high-end public places, and now they are used by millions of households, especially home mats, which are basically necessary for families. The purpose of choosing floor mats is to prevent dust and sand. How can we choose a floor mat for home to play a role? Whether the floor mat should be placed inside or outside the door will affect its dustproof effect.

How do I choose a floor mat for the home?

What material is good for the door mat
The main common door mat materials are polyester, cotton, polypropylene, acrylic, cotton, microfiber, coconut fiber and rubber flocking, etc. In addition, we can often see carpet dust protection in the market. Floor mats, aluminum dust-proof mats, three-in-one dust-proof mats, and more.
Floor mats at home entrances are mainly to prevent dust from entering the room, so you should choose foot pads made of materials that have good decontamination effect, wear resistance and easy cleaning, such as rubber, coconut fiber material, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, etc.
As far as the dust-removing effect of the floor mat is concerned, the aluminum alloy dust-proof floor mat is better, because its dust-proof and non-slip effect is excellent, it can quickly remove the mud and moisture from the soles of people, so it is a door mat A better choice. In addition, the cleaning of this kind of floor mat is simple, the floor mat is easy to dry, can be changed frequently, and is durable. Therefore, it has always been one of the favorite floor mats for people to enter.

How do I choose a floor mat for the home?

What are the door mat purchase tips

  1. Because the dust at the entrance is more serious, and it is also the main doorway of the door of the house, you must fully consider the functionality of the floor mat when choosing a mat. Water absorption and easy cleaning are also two major parts that cannot be ignored.
  2. Whether the mat is good or not will directly affect the facade of the entire room, so the decorativeness is also a key factor, but the delicate mat is not necessarily good at the door. The style and style of the mat should be determined according to the overall decoration style. , Colors, patterns and patterns, etc., all proceed from reality, so the decorative effect is good.
    Should the mat be placed inside or outside the door?
    It is recommended to put one on the inside and outside on the door mat. The floor mat outside the door blocks out the foreign soil. The floor mat inside the door mainly blocks some small dirt, and it will not be cold when stepping on the floor mat when changing shoes in the house. The floor mats of the households are laid comprehensively, so that the dust-proof effect can be better achieved.

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