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Dec 06, 2019 01:25 am    

Many family bathrooms are relatively small. Only personalized shower curtains can be used to separate dry and wet bathrooms. However, if the shower curtains are used for a long time, they are easy to be stained with stains. In addition, the air is humid, and it is easy to get moldy. What should I do if the shower curtains get moldy? Here are some tips for removing moldy spots. I hope they can help you!

How does shower curtain get moldy to do?

1. Alcohol spray

Mix the alcohol with water, spray the alcohol on the mildew and dirt place, stay for ten minutes, brush with old toothbrush, and then rinse with water. Alcohol can not only remove mildew, but also sterilize and prevent bacteria from breeding.

2.84 mixing disinfection water with water
Dilute 84 disinfectant water with water, soak the shower curtain in it, and then gently brush the mildew spots with the old toothbrush, and then clean it. If there are more mildew spots, it is better to soak for a while and then brush.

3.Salt water immersion, fine salt scrubbing
Salt is available in every household. It is also convenient to use. Soak the shower curtain in salt water for half an hour, and then scrub it with fine salt particles. If it is difficult to clean, you can dip the old toothbrush with salt particles and then scrub it, which also has the effect of sterilization.

4.Clean with white vinegar or soda powder
Generally, the shower curtain is plastic, and the dirt on it is relatively clear. Mix white vinegar with water, soak the shower curtain for half an hour, and then wash it with washing liquid. White vinegar, like alcohol, can kill bacteria. Some people will think vinegar is too strong. They can also use soda powder to soak the shower curtain, and then wash it with washing liquid after rubbing.

How does shower curtain get moldy to do?

Advice: don't wait for mildew to start cleaning, open the shower curtain after shower, volatilize moisture, don't nest together, usually also wash the shower curtain frequently, wash it with white vinegar or salt and water. Disrelish troublesome words also can throw into washing machine, drop a few drops white vinegar, but had better put together with the towel that does not use, prevent bath curtain deformation to wash broken.

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