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Dec 25, 2019 01:43 am    

Average person can have the habit that uses phone case to protect mobile phone, it is to let mobile phone not be damaged, 2 it is phone case can add individual character to ordinary mobile phone. All kinds of beautiful mobile phone shell has conquered me, some people's mobile phone shell is bought at the roadside, some are network hot style, although cheap and simple, but we have the same phone cases probability is still very high, this for the pursuit of personality people, it is absolutely unbearable! With so many beautiful phone cases to choose from, I found a better solution -- a custom, creative phone case.

Everyone's preferences are different, according to the elements they want to design the mobile phone shell. It's hard to find exactly the same cell phone shell. If you feel worried about how to design the creative phone shell, there are several personalized phone shells that can be recommended to you.

1.Mermaid scale mobile phone shell. You must have heard of the fairy tale of mermaid princess. The lovely mermaid is willing to become a bubble for the beloved prince. The colorful fish scale pattern is as colorful as a fairy tale.

How many creative mobile phone cases have you used?

2.Mobile phone shell on the surface of the moon. The exploration of the moon is the wish of everyone on earth. This mobile phone shell on the moon surface adopts high-definition printing technology to restore the most real concave and convex visual texture of the moon surface for you and circle the most pure astronomical and scientific dream in your heart.
How many creative mobile phone cases have you used?

3.Text printing phone case.The design sense is very strong, and the atmosphere of literature and art is very strong, very lovely shape, soft shell, and good handle. Classic and full of the charm of the times, it's fashionable and simple.There are more possibilities for text print.

How many creative mobile phone cases have you used?

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