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Short-sleeved T-shirt customization can actually be seen in our lives. Maybe you can see a good T-shirt on the street, that is, people design their own custom. However, in general, the group chooses short-sleeved T-shirts to customize more, because group clothing should show the personality of the group, and the choice of short-sleeved T-shirt customization is the most cost-effective. So what is the cost of customizing a short-sleeved T-shirt? How to calculate the price of short-sleeved T-shirts ? 

How much short-sleeved T-shirt custom price

How to calculate the price of a short-sleeved T-shirt
Manufacturers usually provide a lot of existing styles, customers can provide pattern design and print process according to their own preferences. This method of short-sleeved T-shirt custom price calculation is relatively simple, can be based on the supplier's uniform price plus printing costs Yes, T-shirts without printing fees, depending on the quantity, there are also fabric differences, the price from 10 yuan to tens of hundreds of dollars is possible, of course, the larger the number, the more likely to get the most favorable price.

How to calculate the price of a short-sleeved T-shirt
There is also a short-sleeved T-shirt customization that is the customer's choice of fabrics and bottoms, as well as clothing patterns and printing processes. In this case, it is necessary to calculate the cost according to the customized quantity, style, etc., even if the materials are the same, and the spot In comparison, the price of such customizations will be much higher.

How much short-sleeved T-shirt custom price

How to judge the quality of T-shirts
T-shirts a lot, on the market short-sleeved T-shirt customized when there will be a lot of material to choose from, how short-sleeved T-shirt customized judge the quality is good or bad, fabrics preferably cotton, has a fancy name what other fabrics They are usually blended with chemical fiber, which is not breathable and has no affinity. The thickness of the fabric determines the quality of the t-shirt. Some fabrics have loose t-shirts that are very low-profile at first glance. For example, some of the group purchases are due to price problems. The materials selected are pure cotton but very thin and rough. The sewing process should be neat, the good t-shirts are generally clean, the stitching density is neat and tidy, and the thread ends are also cut to the net, without fading or shrinking.

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