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May 11, 2020 09:16 am    

Nowadays, many companies like to customize T shirts , but Polo shirts are not as casual as T-shirts, and the printed patterns are also bold. But everyone is not willing to just print the company's logo on the polo shirt, which is unavoidable and too new. Today , I will bring you some reference designs of custom-made polo shirts for cultural shirts . I hope to help you.
Corporate custom clothing printing patterns-abstract pop art

How should the company / enterprise custom clothing print pattern be designed?

In the 20th century, when the industrialization of the entire world was developing rapidly, people were confused about the disappeared countryside and the newly built high-rise buildings. Various new arts developed in this environment, pop art is one of them. One. There is a Scarlett Atlas made of pop art, which allows everyone to see the disappearance of people's self-thinking ability when the TV media develops rapidly. Not only is there a certain achievement on the ideological level, Pop Art is mainly used in the design of various patterns. If you are an Internet company, then the cultural shirt made of Pop Art will definitely fit the temperament of the company and the team. .
Corporate custom clothing printing patterns-stick figures

How should the company / enterprise custom clothing print pattern be designed?

Stick figure refers to the simplification of a complex image, body structure is the most basic element of painting, each object has its own unique constituent factors, structural situation and proportional relationship, planar stick figure, representing a two-dimensional plane structure Relatively simple. Stick figure painting is popular because of its simple tools and almost only a pen that can write. Because of its simple drawing style, I think it must also be very suitable for the cultural shirts of various Internet companies and traditional enterprises.
Corporate custom clothing printing pattern-oil painting style

How should the company / enterprise custom clothing print pattern be designed?

Some time ago, the entire Internet was held by the "light yellow dress with fluffy hair holding my hand to see the latest oil paintings on display". The editor was thinking, what effect would it have if printing the oil painting on the T-shirt? I found an oil painting work, opened the ps on the plain surface, and lifted the sleeve to start the P picture. The effect is very good. Everyone needs to pick it up.
The above are some reference pictures recommended by the editor for you to customize the clothing printing.

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