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Dec 05, 2019 01:38 am    

Personalized shower curtain, many different designs, several sizes, do not know what to choose, "I want all!"

When you are looking for the idea of shower curtain, you must first know which size is suitable for your shower? There are two main size categories, standard size and stall size shower curtain. There are four standard widths, and if you're not sure what size you need, the best thing to do is measure the bathtub, walk-in shower and buy it. Please note that the width of the shower curtain should be about 4-7 inches wider than the width of the actual bath, because the fabric shower curtain is a soft and elastic material with a wavy fold appearance.

For stall size showers, you will find four different standard sizes, the same measurement principle. However, please note that if you use an L-Stand, you must measure both sides of it. Usually, these stalls are 72 inches wide, so you have to buy a standard size shower curtain.

How to choose shower curtain design
Baby Bear - Colorful Shower Curtain

After we figure out which size to choose, the interesting part comes, but it is also more difficult and complicated. Choose your future bathroom look and choose from hundreds of shower curtain design.

In this part, you have to find out what is the most suitable for you, what style are you looking for, and does your bathroom have a specific theme? Do you like something interesting or cool? Are these cool designs right? Do they fit the rest of the house? Is fancy shower curtain printing still popular? So on...Choosing the right on is hard to do if you do not settle with yourself.

In a future blog post, we'll review the different shower curtain collections and styles. In a small bathroom, a clean bathroom will look better, and the choice will enhance the personal style of the appearance.Shower curtains have a lot of ideas, and it's good to know them best.More choice:Create shower curtains

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