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Nov 13, 2019 03:04 am    

The selection skill of sofa cushion cover

A set of comfortable sofa is indispensable for home life, and cushion and bolster become the standard matching of sofa. Different decoration styles need to cooperate with cushion and throw pillow of different colors to make the home space more warm and comfortable. Let's have a look at the selection and matching skills of sofa cushion and pillow case together !

How to choose suitable cushion cover and pillow cover for sofa

  1. Color style of sofa cushion and pillow

There are various colors of sofa pillows on the market. There are solid colors and various patterns of embroidery. Choose sofa cushion cover, as long as you have a scale in mind, you can choose the right one. When the interior color is rich, it is better to adopt the color and style that is more uniform, concise and clear, and elegant. This will not make the indoor environment look messy. If the indoor environment is relatively simple, then choose the sofa cushion pillow can use the contrast color with strong impact, or even the exaggerated group. This will add a touch of color to your room.

How to choose suitable cushion cover and pillow cover for sofa

  1. Materials for cushion and pillow case of sofa

Sofa cushions and pillowcases are usually made of linen and pure cotton. These fabrics are very skin friendly and should be selected with their own comfort and adaptability. Generally, pillowcases are also made of velvet, satin, nylon, canvas, etc. they should be matched with the overall style of the sofa. If the fabric of the sofa is more detailed, do not choose the fabric that is too rough, and vice versa.

How to choose suitable cushion cover and pillow cover for sofa

  1. Purchasing skills of sofa cushion and pillow case

Although online shopping is more convenient, online shopping will have such and such problems. You can't see and touch the real thing. The picture looks beautiful, and you don't know what it is when you get it. Take a look at the comments of some buyers and compare them with the high-quality customized printing websites. After receiving the goods, you also need to smell them with your nose. It is found that there is a peculiar smell. It is likely that the content of formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and other volatile substances is high.

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