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Apr 29, 2020 07:02 am    

When bathroom decorating, many families use waterproof shower curtains, because they think it is convenient, so what kind of waterproof shower curtains should be chosen? what should we pay attention to is the knowledge that we should know. It can be understood from the aspects of the material, thickness, and so on.

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In the present decoration, many people will ask whether the bathroom should be decorated with waterproof shower curtains and how to choose it. In fact, this problem should be based on the actual situation of your own family. Generally speaking, if the home space is big enough, the bathroom should do the dry-wet separation, that is, the shower area and other places are two separate spaces, and there is no need to add waterproof shower curtains at this time. But because many families have small bathrooms space, dry and wet separation cannot be done. At this time, you need to use a waterproof shower curtain in the bathroom.

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When choosing the waterproof shower curtain in the bathroom, we need to pay attention to several problems: 1. The waterproof shower curtain in the bathroom should be made of high-quality fabric, with the best bright color, high elasticity, and good heat resistance; 2. We can choose the products with a simple design and simple and generous overall viewing; 3. The top of the shower curtain in the bathroom needs to strengthen the buttonhole, so as to make the shower curtain more durable and better sag, And the metal-reinforced buttonhole is not easy to rust; 4. The bathroom waterproof shower curtain is made of high-quality polyester fabric, which is waterproof, opaque, safe, and environmentally friendly. The shower curtain with the bottom hem added with the vertical line can make the shower curtain fall down and prevent splashing of water in the shower;5, there are a variety of materials for bathroom curtain rods, such as wood, plastic, alloy, bamboo and so on. The shower curtain rod is different according to the location and shape of the shower area, so its installation area is also different; it should also be noted that the waterproof shower curtain is not the thicker the better, but the inferior products in the market are not recommended to buy, according to their own actual situation, choose some products with higher performance and price. Generally speaking, the waterproof bathroom shower curtain with two layers is enough, the number of layers is too many, easy to fall, usually pay attention to cleaning, to prevent the growth of bacteria.

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The above contents are some of the problems that need to be paid attention to when choosing the waterproof shower curtain in the bathroom. The specific choice of what kind of product, but also according to their own actual conditions, the shower curtain is relatively cheap, it can play a partition role, but it is not as good as the glass room after all, so if there is enough space at home, it is recommended to do the dry-wet separation.

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