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I believe that many small partners have also discovered that many colleges and universities now have their own cultural shirts, and even hold a campus cultural shirt design competition every year. Students can fully display their creativity in the cultural shirts. Finally, everyone voted for the most popular design. And then customize the campus culture shirt in bulk. This way can fully mobilize everyone's enthusiasm, and the design selected by voting can guarantee that it can be accepted by most students. Nowadays, the design of campus culture shirts in many colleges and universities is very beautiful. It has even become a symbol of the school. It is also very meaningful for students from different universities to exchange their campus culture shirts.


How to design a campus culture shirt



Campus culture shirt - theme


First of all, our campus culture shirt needs to choose a theme to design. If there is no clear theme, the design of the thing may be the messy construction of the elements, but not good-looking. Since it is a campus culture shirt, the theme must be inseparable from the campus. For example, you can use the school's characteristic architecture or the characteristic landscape to design and display the beautiful campus environment. You can also use the school culture, such as the school's school motto, to print on cultural shirts.


How to design a campus culture shirt



Campus culture shirt - color


The color of the campus culture shirt is not only the color of the bottom shirt, but also the color of the pattern design is very important. The color of the bottom shirt is generally the choice of black and white, which is more common. If you like youthful energy, you can also choose a bottom shirt with yellow, pink and other colors. The color of the pattern should also match the color of the shirt. The color of the pattern should not be too much. You should have a main color and choose the color that matches it.

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