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In many marathon events, the marathon continues to summarize and innovate, and gradually promotes the transformation of a single competition clothing into a cultural shirt with cultural attributes. It will create a cultural brand image of the competition clothing, so that runners can wear it in work, study and sports training.

How to design a custom marathon cultural shirt?


  1. Marathon custom T-shirt pattern-organizer information display
    Designed according to the brand information of the marathon organizer. For example, the Nankai school celebration t-shirt is based on the characteristics of the Nankai campus. The main color is purple. The left chest and the cuff are printed with the organizer "Nankai Shanghai Alumni Association" and the Nankai Centennial Celebration Badge. The lower part is the silhouette of Shanghai city, with the words "Shen Ai Nankai" and "Running towards the New Century" printed on the back. The 100-year-old campus t-shirt was displayed, and each student was encouraged to work hard to get fit and work together to run a healthy posture.
    How to design a custom marathon cultural shirt?


  1. Marathon cultural shirt pattern-slogan slogan
    We can often see the famous quotes of famous runners, slogan and slogans of sports brands, and the cheering cards of the roadside people will have a lot of dying words. Printing these slogans and slogans on cultural shirts can stimulate the enthusiasm and confidence of participants during the marathon. The marathon shirt is printed on the clothes in combination with the famous running quotes of the stars, which can always stimulate the motivation of employees and insist on running the full marathon.
    How to design a custom marathon cultural shirt?

3.Marathon cultural shirt pattern-creative personality element
You can also add some creative personality elements to the marathon shirt, such as "I ’ll buy a cake when I finish the marathon", "Catch up with me and marry you", "Summer morning dawn, daughter I love you", etc. Amused words, Xiaobian also met a small team of the marathon wearing a t-shirt printed with "Spicy Run, Changsha", a "straw skirt", and a circle of cloth "red pepper" around his waist, not to mention Plant-based card issuance. In these 10,000-person competitions, they are full of personality and eye-catching. It turns out that the marathon shirt is also a platform to display self.

How to design a custom marathon cultural shirt?

Run and say hello to Han Dong in a fierce match. Feeling the cool breeze, the athletes are motivated to defend honor and dignity. Customized marathon t-shirts, adding our marathon t-shirt patterns, with enthusiasm for Shangrao for the marathon, and adhering to the unlimited happy code of conduct that the marathon brings us, we devote ourselves to the crowded marathon.

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