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Unifying clothing at the old school party is not just for the cleanliness of the shooting effect. Its deep meaning is to unify identities, so that everyone can return to the role of "classmates", which is pure and full of memories. A warm and friendly atmosphere. In order to better start the old school party, how do we design the pattern of school party clothes when customizing party clothes?

  1. Old school party clothes pattern --- graduation time
    How to design the old school party clothes pattern?

But we will meet again after 20 years of graduation, then we will express this grand and meaningful time "20" in different ways, plus elements staggered in different positions, so that the design of the clothes is not only beautiful, but also very Time commemorative significance. For example, we added the stellar star elements to the 20-year-old materials in English to form a unique and unique style, with a cute and artistic atmosphere in simplicity. You can also refer to the pattern to change the time to the name of your class or school.

  1. Old school party clothes pattern --- class major
    How to design the old school party clothes pattern?

Our design on the clothes pattern can highlight our professional theme of the year. Designing our professional t-shirt logo as a pattern element in the clothes of classmates party, not only remembers our professional memory of the year, but also reflects our inner culture and personality. Even people who do n’t know anything about us know what our profession was when we saw our party shirts.

  1. Old school party clothes pattern --- community team
    How to design the old school party clothes pattern?

When we were in college, we always joined different clubs, such as the student union, painting club, boxing club, etc. When these small groups with great community characteristics reunited again, in order to reproduce our shadow, we outlined the club mascot or club name. An ingenious logo embodies the style of our society, or you can choose a hidden image to engraving intriguing marks on clothes.
If you want to express your friendship for us to meet again after many years of graduation, it is better to start with such an old school party shirt. When we customize the old school party clothes, if there is no feasible custom pattern for the time being, you can refer to some materials about the school party clothes pattern produced by T custom house . We can also freely modify the material elements for the friends who need to customize the party clothes for free. , Customize your classmate party t-shirts that you remember.

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