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Now many groups or individuals will customize T-shirts online . The Internet has enriched everyone's shopping horizons. Many online custom T-shirts can send samples of clothing for free. So how do we identify other people's cotton or natural cotton in customization? Look at the following.

How to distinguish between T-shirts and natural cotton

In terms of fabric finish: the surface of artificial cotton is smooth and free of impurities, but cotton shell magazines can be seen on the surface of natural cotton, which is not as good as artificial cotton.
Yarn count uniformity: Yarn counts of rayon cloths are uniform, and there are few yarn defects; cotton yarn counts are not as even as rayon yarns, especially for medium coarse cloths.
Hand feel: Regardless of the thickness of the rayon, the feel is mostly soft, while the cotton feels slightly rough.
Color and lustre: The luster and color of rayon are good. Compared with cotton, rayon is more bright and beautiful.
Wrinkle: artificial cotton is easy to wrinkle. When rubbing a cloth with your hands and spreading out, a lot of wrinkles appear, and it is not easy to recover in time. Cotton is wrinkled, but slightly lighter than rayon.
Drapability: Also from the perspective of drape, rayon has better drape, and cotton drape is not as good as rayon.
Strength: The strength of rayon is lower than cotton. Especially in humid environments, the fastness of synthetic cotton is poor. When drawing silk from the edge of the fabric, stretch, rayon is more fragile than cotton. Therefore, the texture of artificial cotton is mostly thick, not as thin as pure cotton linen.

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