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Nov 29, 2019 01:27 am    

Common hoodies are made to order basic colors, including white, black and gray. Today, let's talk about how to match the pants with the gray based customized Hoodie. Grey custom Hoodie is a very versatile clothing, grey Hoodie is more full of youthful vitality, so how to match the grey Hoodie?

The grey Hoodie can be matched with the 9-point jeans, or the black straight pants, blue small leg jeans, black small leg pants, black smoke tube pants, etc. Try not to match the gray top with light pants. It's better to choose dark clothes, which looks more harmonious as a whole. Hoodies are generally good for matching clothes, and pants are the most classic and casual wear. If you don't know what pants look good with a grey Hoodie, you may as well wear a pair of black straight pants.

How to match the grey hoodie with trousers

I.Grey custom hoodie with suit pants
Personalized casual pants, the casual pants with small feet and legs are specially designed for hoodies, especially the casual pants with small legs. The casual pants that are too close to the body can't match with such a personal taste, but it's also important to pay attention not to choose the baggy pants that are too close to the body, which will make the legs short and the lower body fat. Especially for girls whose height is not ideal, don't try them easily. Next, match a pair of pants High top shoes, simple and good-looking personality.
How to match the grey hoodie with trousers

II.Grey custom hoodie with jeans
Straight jeans are also a good choice, but you should pay attention to the color selection of jeans, pay attention to the length and size of jeans, try to avoid too many wrinkles of jeans, and the slightly rolled up trouser legs are also more youthful and fashionable, so if the jeans are longer, you can also slightly roll up the trouser legs, which will be show higher.

How to match the grey hoodie with trousers

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