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I believe that many friends have already understood what custom- made clothing is . A simple understanding is to print and print on our solid-colored clothes. But do you know how these patterns are printed on our clothes? This is to mention our printing process . Different printing processes print patterns on clothes in different ways. They also show different effects. If the printing process and pattern are well matched, there may be unexpected The effect is still waiting for us to discover the creativity! Next, the custom editor of T agency will introduce the custom printing process of hoodies .

How to print a pattern on clothes

Hoodie custom printing process-water slurry printing
Water slurry is a water-based slurry that belongs to water-based pigment printing. It is only suitable for printing on light-colored fabrics, such as white, off-white, beige, light blue and other fabrics. The texture printed on the hoodie is not strong, the coverage is not strong, the color is not too bright, and it will have a faded effect if used for a long time. But it is cheaper and belongs to a lower-grade printing category.

How to print a pattern on clothes

T agency custom water slurry printing real shot
Hoodie custom printing process-glue printing
Glue is an extension of water slurry. The appearance and wide application of the glue after water slurry, because of its very good coverage, so that any light color can be printed on dark clothes, and has a certain gloss and three-dimensional sense, the color is more bright than water slurry It makes ready-to-wear look more upscale, so it is quickly popularized, and it is used on almost every printed advertising hoodie. The price is slightly higher than the slurry.

How to print a pattern on clothes

Hoodie custom printing process-3D thick plate printing
The thick board pulp is derived from the glue. Its effect is as if the glue is repeatedly printed on multiple layers. It can achieve a very neat three-dimensional effect. It is currently the printing method that is popular all over the world! Generally speaking, the process requirements High, so small printing factories generally do not print well, and are generally suitable for sports and leisure clothing. Patterns generally use numbers, letters, geometric patterns, lines, etc. The lines should not be too thin. The use of advertising shirts is relatively small and the cost is also high.
How to print a pattern on clothes

T agency custom 3D thick plate printing real shot
Hoodie custom printing process-bronzing process
Similar to glue printing, the difference is that gold or silver is added to the bronzing color, so that it looks like it has a metallic luster, which is more obvious when printed on black clothes. Hoodie customization is also recommended to use this process. The price is also more expensive.

T agency custom imitation bronzing printing real shot
Hoodie custom printing process-thermal transfer process
As people's requirements for the richness of pattern colors become higher and higher, the designs of custom patterns for hoodies are becoming more and more diverse, and many photo effects or particularly colorful pictures are difficult to solve with the above six screen printing methods. Transfer is their beneficial supplement. The pattern is first printed on transfer paper or film, and printed with a digital printer or offset press. The color reproduction ability is strong and clear, and then the pattern is transferred to the hoodie by a press. The application of thermal transfer on hoodies is developing at the fastest speed.

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