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Jan 16, 2020 07:38 am    

With the recent formal implementation of waste classification regulations in Shanghai, the topic of environmental protection has once again received widespread attention. I believe that your circle of friends, Weibo, etc. will definitely have the "despair" cry of Shanghainese who have been driven crazy by the garbage sorting. Although this measure has made the Shanghai residents miserable, it is still supported by more people. Career is incumbent on each of us, and modern people's awareness of environmental protection is constantly strengthened, which is a very good phenomenon. In order to reduce the generation of plastic waste, various bamboo baskets and canvas bags have also replaced traditional plastic bags. The canvas bag can be said to be a must for shopping in the supermarket. It has a large capacity, can be reused, and has a very heavy capacity. Some young people who like personality will also choose custom canvas bags . Personalized patterns and text are printed on the canvas bags to make you go to the supermarket. 

Custom canvas bag-first wash

When custom canvas bags are bought back, they must be specially treated for the first wash. First, put a little salt in the water, let it melt enough in the water, and then soak the canvas bag in the water for half an hour. The effect of this treatment is to prevent the canvas bag from fading reasonably.

Custom canvas bags-temperature requirements

Custom canvas bags are made of high-quality canvas, so the temperature of the water cannot be too high when washing. The water temperature is too high, it will soften like a towel, causing slight deformation or looseness of the appearance. It is best to control the water temperature at 30 Below degree is preferred. 

Custom canvas bags-wash separately

  Do not put it in the washing machine and wash it with other clothes. The custom canvas bag is made of canvas, so it is easy to absorb color. If other clothes fade, it will affect the color of the canvas bag.

Custom Canvas Bags-Gentle Detergent

Custom canvases usually have mild discoloration problems. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the type and amount of chemical lotion when washing. Usually, it is not necessary to use a cleaning solution with bleaching effect or fluorescent.

Custom canvas bag-cool and dry

The custom canvas bag must not be exposed to the sun, so the moisture will leave marks after rapid evaporation and cause yellowing, so it is best to dry it in a cool place after washing with water.

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