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Started by on Jan 06, 2020 – Last touched: Jan 06, 2020

Jan 06, 2020 09:43 am    

In the winter, many friends of custom hoodies are entangled in a question. At this time, do custom hoodies choose velvet hoodies or thin hoodies? The editor of I thinks that this is like asking children whether you like father or mother The problem is the same. There are no clear choices, but they are customized according to their own circumstances. For example, friends in the north can choose to add velvet hoodies for customization . If they are used as inner items, they can choose thin hoodies for customization. Let ’s take a look at the difference between velvet hoodie and thin hoodie!

Is it better to add a custom hoodie with velvet?

Custom plus velvet hoodie is more suitable for wearing around 10 to 20 degrees. Of course, it depends on everyone's cold resistance. Fleece hoodie, style, fabric and ordinary hoodie are no different, but fleece hoodie is relatively ordinary hoodie, There is a velvet on the inside to keep it warmer. Generally, it is sufficient to wear a thick velvet hoodie indoors in winter.

Is it better to add a custom hoodie with velvet?

It is recommended that when the temperature is not high, custom-made thin hoodies can be considered to save costs. If you want to customize thick fleece hoodies, then it is cheaper to choose a hatless model, especially for more formal occasions, without a hat. Thick hoodies will be more suitable, and no-hat models for indoor activities will be more suitable.

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