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What is the price of a hoodies? The price is often the point we pay most attention to when buying something. The price of a hoodies is mainly composed of a hoodies bottom and printing costs. On the market, the price of custom-made hoodies varies, and people are always looking for a high-quality hoodies-made manufacturer. In fact, the custom-made price of hoodiess can be determined by yourself!

Is it expensive to make a hoodies?

Custom-made hoodies can range from more than 30 to more than 200 depending on the fabric. The printing process of the hoodies also affects the custom-made price of a hoodies. Different craftsmanships have different degrees of complexity and prices are naturally different.

Is it expensive to make a hoodies?

T company custom hoodies bottom shirts include thin hoodiess and thick hoodiess, different seasons, the thickness requirements of hoodiess are also different. Generally, the thick hoodiess customized by T Agency are made of cotton, and the price will be more expensive than the thin ones.
There are more than 20 kinds of custom crafts in T agency , which is the leading custom garment manufacturer in the country. For example, common heat transfer, embroidery technology, and modern digital direct injection. Different processes require different customization costs. The larger the pattern, the higher the customization price.

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