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Friends who are not involved in clothing technology may not understand the process of making a custom T-shirts, and are confused by the inferior T-shirts of some unscrupulous merchants. Shirt printing also has a deep knowledge, we came to give everyone a simple science to learn how to print patterns.
T-shirts can be printed on T-shirts generally by two methods: screen printing and thermal transfer. The technology that can be firmly printed on T-shirts requires the introduction of foreign high-end machines, as well as high quality, as in T-shirts. Only in order to be able to achieve the effect of firmness without falling off, lasting and more colorful.
First, T-shirt printing process -screen printing

Is the T-shirt printed? How is the T-shirt printed?

Screen printing is to use the screen as the printing plate base, and make a screen printing plate with graphics through the photosensitive plate-making method, and then put the T-shirt under the screen for coating printing. Each color needs one The version is used for making, and the printing is more delicate, but the screen printing is more suitable for group customization.
The pure pulp selected by T company's screen printing process is traceable to the first-line big names, and the pigment is from Japan's DIC company, one of the world's three major suppliers of clothing pigments. Times the technical indicators require themselves, being ruthless to yourself is responsible to the customer.
Two, T-shirt printing process - heat transfer
Is the T-shirt printed? How is the T-shirt printed?

The principle of thermal transfer is to print the pattern on the paper with paint, and then print the pattern on the T-shirt fabric with high temperature and high pressure. This printing method transfers printing steps easily and can be completed in one time, but the cost is higher than screen printing.
Printing on clothes is difficult to wash, so people have invented many printing processes. In order to put a good-looking pattern on your body, you should already know how T-shirt patterns are printed on it.

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