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Started by on Dec 24, 2019 – Last touched: Dec 24, 2019

Dec 24, 2019 08:31 am    

In the customization of T-shirts , heat transfer printing is often used. The pattern LOGO is printed on the clothes, let alone how beautiful it is, but if you are not careful, your heat transfer heat transfer T-shirt will turn yellow. What?

Is your heat transfer T-shirt yellow?

1.The heating time is too long
As we all know, cotton t-shirts will yellow after a long period of high temperature. This is mainly due to the material of the t-shirt, not unique to thermal transfer paper technology. Therefore, when you are customizing thermal transfer t-shirts, you must pay attention to time. Under normal circumstances, it will be 20-25s. Do not increase the heating time privately because of fear of incomplete transfer.
2.T-shirt with cotton content
A lot of friends don't know much about the cotton material, in fact, the t-shirts we usually see are often low in cotton content, usually 80. The less the cotton content, the less yellowing it will cause during the transfer process, but if it is more than 130, everyone must pay special attention to it, and the t-shirt yellowing often occurs. Therefore, when you choose a t-shirt, you must choose the right one, and do not blindly pursue cotton content.

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