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May 15, 2020 08:06 am    

When it comes to paintings from the Edo period in Japan, "ukiyoe" is almost synonymous with it. And the wave shower curtain that wants to introduce to everybody today is one of the representative works of ukiyoe. Ukiyoe, also known as Japanese genre painting, prints. It is a unique national art in the Edo period of Japan.

Some say it represents the great power of nature, while others say it is an enchanting beauty. Some say the boatmen are putting up a good fight, while others believe they are just drifting. How do we collect ukiyo-e large waves that we can't afford to buy? We provide you with a wave shower curtain, ukiyoe painted Japanese wave shower curtains and other products.

Vintage poster - Japanese Wave Shower Curtain

As the most universal Japanese ukiyo-e masterpiece, Kanagawa surf has many variations, some of which are artistic derivatives, some of which are funny and parody works, which are especially interesting. Here's a look at the giant wave shower curtain in Kanagawa surf.

The Great Hokusai Wave Shower Curtain

"Surfing in Kanagawa" is the masterpiece of Japanese painter Hokusai, and is also one of the most famous ukiyo-e works. If you don't have a deep understanding of Japanese art history, when you see the three words "ukiyoe", it is easy to associate them with "surfing in Kanagawa". Huge waves swept away the fishing boats, the brave boatmen in order to survive, and the nature of the breathtaking and fierce struggle, from afar is Fuji mountain, showing a turbulent, tense intense atmosphere.

The Great Red Wave II Shower Curtain

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