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Oct 18, 2019 03:39 am    

It's very necessary to choose a beautiful and easy-to-use pillow on the sofa or bed. A soft pillow in your arms can warm up the whole winter. If you are an pastoral style fans, the flower shaped design pillow cover is the most sweet. I have collected many flower shaped pillow covers, which are very beautiful.Let's take a look.

This pillowcase is a blooming flower, sweet also let a person feel strong festive atmosphere suits the friend that a few like Chinese wind ~

The combination of pink and red makes the pillowcase look colorful. If we don't want only one flower to look so monotonous, we can use many small flowers. At first glance, the pillows are full of flowers. It's like spring in the garden.

Many people love cherry blossoms in April, and putting on a cherry blossoms pillowcase can also make cherry blossom lovers love it. Pure white cloth. Need to add a few pink outline only, a simple and easy embrace pillow came out.

The colorful peonies and lilies make this pillow look very charming. You can also choose some small floral printed ones, which are also very personality.

Or just a simple solid color, fold together, simple is the most classic fashion ~ floral pillow cover plus stroke design is that this pillow looks more high-end.


Print the flowers on the square pillow, simple and a little fresh.


If the family is not suitable for such a lovely style, we can try this style of pillow cover Oh ~ black base plus fan-shaped Apricot Leaves, decisively beautiful ten times!

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