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Mickey Mouse + Dumbo printed T-shirt has already seized the stage of the girl's heart!
I believe that there is no young lady in this world who likes a bad body, and no girl does not like being young. Being young means having a perfect body and a full of girlish heart, but you know, girly heart can pass It's worn out and matched, even if your face is not very online, you can match it through matching outfits. Don't believe it, let's demonstrate it for yourself now!
LOOK1: Mickey Mouse (AC / DC) null

Mickey Mouse + Dumbo cartoon print T-shirt has seized the stage of the girl's heart

The item that best reflects the girl's heart should be jeans. This style of item is suitable for a very large number of girls, and there are many styles and types. Whether it is leggings, ripped jeans, casual straight pants, It can make the girls who match them instantly overflow with girls' hearts. Of course, the tops must be printed with a pattern.
In addition to the jeans styles that we can often match, there are many styles of denim items that are suitable for us to match, such as the photos are very loose and fashionable jeans, although the styles are very new, with Mickey Mouse print tops, It seems very girlish, but if it is used in real life to wear it, it will certainly look very inappropriate, after all, the average fashion items on the catwalk cannot be worn.
If you choose a denim style top coat for yourself, what will it feel like? The young lady in the photo will match a denim style top coat for herself. This denim coat is added on the back. Mickey Mouse's printed pattern uses the design of cartoon images to strengthen the heart of the girl. Obviously, it is particularly effective.
Although the cartoon pattern sounds childish, if we carefully select some items printed with cartoon patterns for ourselves, the effect will be very different, just like this rice in the photo. Like the mouse cartoon shoulder strap bag, the two red mouse ears look particularly chic.
It is more and more normal to match a bag printed with the cartoon pattern of Mickey Mouse, and more and more bags of this style are also available. If you choose a cartoon printed bag for yourself, It will inevitably make your clothes look and feel more discounted. At this time, the style and color choice are particularly important. You must choose carefully.
LOOK2: Dumbo Print T-Shirt

Mickey Mouse + Dumbo cartoon print T-shirt has seized the stage of the girl's heart

Many celebrities like to highlight their cute side through cartoon patterns. Ms. Qi Wei in the photo expresses her girly feelings in this way. She wears a Dumbo print short in her body. Sleeve T-shirt, with a denim jacket worn on the outside, looks extremely casual.
In fact, it is very suitable to show your own personality by printing short sleeves. As shown in the short-sleeved T-shirt worn by the young lady in the photo, the light brown-red print with the Dumbo cartoon pattern is not giving With any uncomfortable feeling, it makes people feel a kind of cold beauty.
As a very cute cartoon image, Dumbo has been used by more and more clothing and bags. The photos show T-shirts and bags with Dumbo prints. The truth is, my sister is sure It looks cute, and it doesn't feel childish or aging.
I do n’t know if you noticed it. In general, we put a piece with a cartoon pattern on the upper body, and then wore a coat as a match, just like the young lady in the photo. Similarly, the style is lovely, and the style is very fashionable.
The bag worn by this young lady in the photo belongs to the style long ago. This style of bag is more retro, but from the blue-green bag in the photo, although it is also somewhat Retro taste, but more of a novelty and novelty.
In fact, if you want to wear a girlish temperament with your collocation, it is very simple. We just need to match ourselves with a printed T-shirt with a cartoon pattern and match it with other outfits. It can be perfectly solved, but rich The short-sleeved T-shirt with the girl's heart print pattern can't be matched casually. We still have to choose carefully.

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