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Apr 24, 2020 07:27 am    

The game is a generation that has been popular from generation to generation since the invention of the computer. Nowadays, the most popular thing is the mobile game. It is convenient to relax and relax when you have a free time. Let me explain to you how to design a creative custom T-shirt with simple ideas .

  1. Creative T-shirt-Q version picture
     Funny Custom T

Now, whether it is a game character or a real person, you can carry out the Q version of the illustration design. In addition to retaining the characteristics of the character itself, you can also add cuteness. Like Li Yuanfang on the picture is to enlarge the ears of the original character. T-shirts can also choose to use the Q version of the pattern for design, and the price of the Q version of the creative design of the illustration will be cheaper than that of the ordinary illustration, personality and cost.

  1. Creative T-shirt-original painting illustration
     Creative T shirt

For the glory of the king, you can choose the original painting as the printing of the custom T-shirt, or you can choose to find an illustrator to make an appointment. For the game, the original painting is easier to hit the shirt, but if it is for people, choose to use your own photos as T-shirt patterns, or choose to find a professional illustrator for illustration creation, are all more T-shirt patterns for you. It is also a style that many people who customize T-shirts will choose.

  1. Creative T-shirts-hand-painted patterns
     Cool Custom T shirt

In fact, hand-drawing is not difficult. Both computer mouse and ipod can achieve simple hand-drawn illustrations. As long as the hand-drawn illustrations draw the most characteristic features of the object, no matter whether the style of the painting is cute or magic, it is very special. It will be more meaningful and more fulfilling to use hand-drawn illustrations as T-shirt patterns, and there will be more customized elements of this dress.

  1. Creative T-shirt-both text and graphics
     Cool Custom T shirt

In addition to the simple pattern printing design, text design can also be added. The text matching pattern will be more prominent for the entire custom T-shirt main body, and the design elements will also be more abundant. Different combinations of text and pictures can also spark a creative spark.
In fact, the pattern elements of custom T-shirts are nothing more than words, patterns, or a combination of the two, but how to combine more creative patterns requires a deep understanding of the characteristics of the objects you want to print before you can design a creative pattern with a soul , Like Li Yuanfang ’s ears, Sun Bin ’s wings, and Zhuang Zhou ’s green hair, are all distinctive features, and they are all elements that make it possible to see the theme of a custom T-shirt at a glance.

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